Who Else Wants to Master WordPress and
Build Websites That Are Fully Functional to Compete with the Best of the Internet?

Now You Can. And Learn To Do It At Your Own Pace

Most new bloggers today, nearly all small businesses, and organizations land on WordPress as the platform to build their Web sites. Because of it’s ease of use, customization, and high integration with several online applications, it is the probably the most supported Web site creation and content management tool on the Net.

And although there are other website platforms, you’ll find it rather difficult to see anyone who supports them as much. To most Internet communicators, WordPress is The Best. Period. If you are an Internet marketer or use the Internet to communicate regularly to your audience or customers, WordPress is pretty much the only choice.

So what does that mean for you?

If you know how to use WordPress and are proficient in applying its features, you’ll cut down your task curve for just about everything in communicating your message across the Internet.

But if you don’t know it, you’ll be at the mercy of, or at the very least, behind everyone in your field.

If you're a Website owner or site manager, you really don’t want to or have to be dependent on anyone else for their knowledge of building and maintaining your Web site. Why? Because you no longer need to be. You can handle your site creation, management and content yourself and/or train an assistant to do it for you. Why spend thousands for some "web guru" to do the job that you can tackle yourself. The WordPress platform gives you a more cost-effective way.

Yet, you need to learn it.

Let us introduce you to…


The Ultimate Guide TO WORDPRESS


If you don’t know anything about WordPress and have or want to have a Web site, you are following and not leading most Internet communicators.

To give your site and your communications efforts a best chance in the information age, you can easily go beyond just knowing the basics of WordPress and actually master the platform in its entirety.

It takes less time and effort than you would expect to grasp
the essentials of Word Press, especially when your exposure is at the pace
that you set through video training modules.

Each day new plug-ins are developed and introduced to enhance the range and the capabilities of WordPress. Unfortunately, too many site owners who use WordPress don't really know the platform. Oh yes, their sites are up and functioning. However, most often, those same sites are just sitting there wasting Internet space, of little value to the owners because their of low value to users who may or (more likely) may not visit.

Those sites are never updated, enhanced, or even dusted-off because their owners or managers never took the time to become proficient with this tool.

Most WordPress site owners do not know how to harness the true power of WordPress to effectively create and develop highly optimized sites.

That's where The Ultimate Guide to WordPress comes in. With it, you can harness that power and run a site worth your visitor's interest.

You now have the opportunity to access perhaps the most comprehensive video training on WordPress that has yet to be developed.

Take a look at the content of this video training series that takes you from A to Z.

Includes 40+ Video Sessions

Get Started Today


Module 1: Installing WordPress

You will learn:

  • How to Get Your Very Own Domain Name Registered

  • How to Update Your Name Servers to Point to Your Host

  • How to Add Your New Domain Name to Your Host

  • How to Install WordPress Using Fantastico (One-Button Easy Install)

  • How to Install WordPress Using SimpleScripts (One-Button Easy Install)


Module 2: Customizing WordPress

You will learn:

  • Top Customizable WordPress Themes To Use Set up Your Site Fast (FREE and PREMIUM)

  • Top Plugins to Use to Optimize Your Site from Day One

  • How to Use The Editor Function to Modify Your WordPress Site

  • How to Use Widgets to Enhance the Quality and Usability of Your Site

  • How to Use the Menu Function to Create a Unique Navigation for Your Visitors (Super Simple and Highly Effective)


Module 3: Configuring WordPress


You will learn:

  • How to Use Tags to Target Your Content for Potential Visitors

  • Discover How to Use Categories to Focus Your Visitors to Specific Content on Your Site

  • How to Use And Configure Each Part of The Settings Tab (This is HUGE!)



Module 4:Updating WordPress

You will learn:

  • How to Update WordPress When New Versions Become Available

  • How to Update Plugins to Their Latest Versions

  • How to Update Your FREE or PREMIUM Themes When New Ones Are Released

  • How Safegaurd Your Updates To Prevent Any Installation Problems



Module 5:  Backing Up Your WordPress Site

You will learn:


  • How to Safely and Secure Backup The Contents of Your Site

  • What Tools to Use to Easily and Efficiently Back Up Your Site

  • The Reasons and Importance of Backing Up Your Site



Module 6:  Using WordPress

You will learn:

  • How to Post and Publish Your Content Quickly and Easily

  • How to Edit Your Posts to Modify Any Part of Your Original Content

  • Discover the Easy Steps to Uploading Audios, Videos and Images to Your WordPress Site

  • How to Add and Use Cool Tricks to Modify All Media You Post to Your Site

  • How to Change, Configure and Setup Your Own Links Within WordPress

  • How to Create, Configure and Optimize the Pages on Your Site

  • How to Moderate The Comments Function Made On Your Site

  • How to Create and Modify Additional Users to Your Site

  • How to Use the Tools Given Within WordPress

Bonus Module:  Extra WordPress Stuff

You will learn:

  • How to Get Email for Your Site Using Google-Apps

  • How to Add Social Media to Send Free Traffic to Your Site 

  • How to Syndicate Your Content Over DOZENS of Sites

  • How to Integrate an Auto-Responder to Your Site to Build An Email List


As you can see, this is truly a complete training program for anyone using Wordress. Once you’ve gone through these videos, not only will you be good to go, but you’ll also be quite the expert. Yes, people can actually come to you for their WordPress issues. And, you can refer to these mp4 files any time to brush-up on your skills and answer questions.

If you have a staff or virtual assistants, this is the perfect resource to give them to start putting your sites up fast. Can you just see the Hands-Free Possibilities?

Just relax and let our WordPress videos do all the research and training for you. Each module is simple and concise. No fluff, just really to-the-point lessons that will get you, your staff, or VA’s a full understanding of WordPress. It also offers SEO strategies throughout the series that no one else is teaching.

So yes…you, your staff or your virtual assistants will get the best of both worlds because this training program takes you way beyond just a step-by-step system. Once your site is up and running, it’s fully ready to get that free traffic you want from the search engines.

And this is the Major Difference this video series offers…

Here’s Some Examples Of How These Videos
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Take a load off and give these videos to your newly hired virtual assistants to build your sites super fast and maintain and update them!

Use these videos as a training tool to mentor your friends or new Internet users on the power of using WordPress…

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